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Bakshi House 40-41 (Near Chiranjiv Tower), Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019
07:30 am – 05:30 pm Mon-Fri
Sabse Pehle Life Insurance - Why Life Insurance

Life insurance is a significant part of a person’s financial plan. Picking the right policy can insure you from any financial strain if an unfortunate situation occurs like when somebody passes away. It can be described as the contract between an insurance company and the insurance policyholder wherein an insurer pays the sum of money in the exchange for the premium after the fixed period or upon the insured person’s death. 

Needless to say, life insurance is the must-have for everybody out there and that is why you are required to make the correct choice in terms of purchasing life insurance

Choose the right life insurance policy

Whether you want to go for Endowment plans, Term Insurance, Whole life policy, or ULIP i.e., Unit Linked Insurance Plans, you can stay assured of being able to achieve your financial goals without any hassle. 

There are endless benefits of opting for a life insurance policy like –

  • Child’s education
  • Financial protection against the loss of life, ensuring the fact that your family stays independent even in your absence
  • Buying the house
  • Child’s marriage
  • Post-retirement income for the NRIs
  • Pension/Regular income post-retirement

Your chosen life insurance policy is not required to be like your relative’s/friend’s/colleague’s insurance plan. 

Enjoy a debt-free future with online life insurance

The earlier you begin the better it is, as life insurance premiums are lower at the early stage as well as start to rising with your age. Utilize life insurance riders efficiently to boost the life insurance policy’s effectiveness. The rider is an add-on to the primary policy that provides you with advantages over as well as above the policy subject to specific conditions. 

Along with life insurance, it is also suggested to opt for Health insurance only after talking to a competent and experienced agent about the details of your policy as well as its suitability. 

Why life insurance is so important?

Often, we take huge loans in working life, particularly in terms of buying the house. Any untimely death while your loan is yet to be paid can have serious economic results for the families. In a situation like this, online life insurance money can be utilized for paying off your loan. 

As you age and your lifestyle changes, the policies of life insurance that cover major illnesses become relevant. Some of the life insurance policies provide you with features that cover you from grave ailments like cancer and heart attack. Purchasing these kinds of policies can secure you from life-threatening illnesses. 

Still, wondering why life insurance is important? Well, not only it ensures that your kids can continue further studies, but it also gives your family the freedom of buying a house and even paying for their wedding in case you die unexpectedly. Also, irrespective of whether you are utilizing it to insure the key employee or fund the sell/buy agreement, life insurance can prove to be an important asset to your organization.